New cigars on the market Stanislaw Vintage White Line Aviation

Vintage Aviation 

Dominican Republic has been very popular with its super quality tobacco. Dominican tobacco become excellent cigar tobacco supplier and producer and there is always time to present the exellent quality from Dominica. 

 Dr. Stanislaw decided to continue in the superior quality cigars and he prepares something new for cigar aficionados. Stanislaw Vintage White are hand made cigars made in the cigar city Santiago de los Caballero in the Dominican Republic. These cigars are continuing Stanislaw Vintage edition that is intended for true connoisseurs.

Cigars Stanislaw Special Vintage White series are designed for the most demanding customers who love cigars with finer character.

Cigar is a great combination of selection tobaccos from Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. This type of cigar has been designed to release their distinctive flavor. The Vintage White Line Aviation cigars in taste should be in the middle between Vintage Red and Blue Line. This cigar is not very mild and not very strong.

Wrapper is a type Connecticut, which was grown in Ecuador from the Connecticut seeds. This first choice wrapper has a velvety brown oil color and exceptionally good taste. The production of the wrapper underwent triple fermentation, which has a great effect on the actual taste of tobacco. Binder is made of superior tobacco Ceiollo 99 of La Mulata from the Dominican Republic. The filling is made ​​up of a harmonious combination of four types tobaccos of selection of Dominican Piloto Cubano tobaccos and De Olor by Jose Mendez.

The result is an excellent cigar distinctive full flavor with a nutty undertone throughout.
Vintage Aviation Stanislaw appreciates the true aficionado. Pack of 10 cigars in cedar box.

price: 148,00 Kč
number: 327640

price: 133,00
number: 327650

price: 60,00 Kč
number: 32764


Stanislaw Aviation